Cover page for my magazine

Our theme is abstract, London Architecture, and I though to make my cover page abstract. Using supermatism style with simple shapes like squares, circles, rectangles… I came up with this simple and eye catching cover, which looks quite success-full


Joe Cruz

Joe Cruz inhaling life in black and white photos, by painting on them with vivid colours. At first glance it look like someone just messing around with photos by colouring them. And so it is, he is playing with colours, having fun, experimenting and at the end of the day the result is amazing. His work are rich of colours and look a live, like that how it is supposed to be, unusual and brave style! There is something to consider, I recon his style will be helpful in my project.

Yuri Shwedoff

Yuri is illustrator from Russia, who has unusual style, his illustration just stunning. When viewing his works you can barley imaging that he drew it, they are so realistic! At first you will think that it is photos, with good decoration and a bit of photoshop, but nope, pure drawing using photoshop. Yuri draw in sort of post apocalyptic style in dark tone, his characters emotionless (faces don’t express any emotions) and landscape is dead. It looks depressive, but it has this wow factor. Im thinking to use a bit of Yuris and Joes Cruz style in my project  to achieve this wow factor.


case study/ Carolina Scarpetta

We’ve been given task to do research on any practitioner we like from a brief.

Surfing sites, I stoped on Carolina Scarpetta, I find her background pretty interesting and inspiring. She is Italian London based graphic designer, not long time ago she was an engineer, she realised that, she is not happy with work she is doing, “life is too short to do something you don’t enjoy” she decided to switch her careers, and become a graphic designer. Now she is working as a freelance graphic designer and helps her ex-tutor from LLC to run his design studio. Even thou she used to be engineer, it doesn’t effects her creative, thinking or problem solving approach, even more it helped her in some way as her works looks like something new/fresh. 


Her poster well balanced, negative space used smart. In each poster there is something that attracts attention, maybe it’s her non symmetric style. Her story is inspiring, and proves it’s never to late to do what you love to do, and again, she shows you don’t have to be talented or do something from really young age to be good. All you need is just passion and self belief to achieve good results and stay happy.

On a second half of the day we had to do collage from random images which been copied from our sketchbooks. We have been given complete freedom and we could do what ever we want, so i came up with idea to make a poster which is spying on you!



While half of my class had a review with tutors showing them their sketchbooks, ideas etc. I decided not to loose time and make first step – experiment. The idea is for one of themes use riso printing technique and achieve 3D effect


riso printer

I took image from my sketchbook and tried out, to have an idea how it’s going to look like.


image from sketchbook


Happy with outcome as am almost achieved 3d effect, just needs to be adjusted properly. Next step is to do the same but with my images for my theme, pretty sure I will achieve effect I planned.


sketching at brit. museum

Friday, morning, we met at British museum to draw. We’ve been given briefs and our task was to draw object we like and on tracing paper draw people around this object.

I went to Ancient Greece room, because they sculptures and art is outstanding plus room was bright. Walking around in search of object I stopped on Augustus emperor head and started to sketch.


Afterwards went further and sketched marble head of horse.


Outcome is pretty nice, tho if I had tracing paper it would be much better.